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Manhattan Beach
Hi. I am a positive, low maintenance, no drama, no BS, active, health conscious, driven professional. I am a proud USC Alumni who works from home, but am out and about whenever I can be- usually at the beach.

Its important to me that the home is kept as a quiet, stress-free, positive, peaceful, and safe space.

I am currently accepting applications from students or professionals who are in need of renting a Private Room. Seeking candidates who are respectful, quiet, reasonable, low-maintenance, easy-to-get-along-with, tidy and clean; someone who is looking for a room to rent where they can sleep, rest, get their work done, study, get ready for their day, recover from their day, etc… someone who is looking for a quiet place so they can handle their life.

This home is a place to rest (rejuvenate & regenerate), sleep, bathe/get ready for the day, eat, etc, so that we can go be successful out in the world. This is not a party house, its not a party building. No drinking, no smoking, no drugs, no guests, no overnight guests, etc. We keep this home a safe place for all house-mates so that we can all feel comfortable to come home and ‘let our hair down’ (so to speak). Those who have lived here have really appreciated this, as it facilitates everyones success.